Elegy for a Star Girl

Swimming With Elephants Press, 2017

These poems illustrate great depth within the soul, body, and mind, and the illuminating language and imagery express the universe as a metaphor. Life is questioned and answers are hard to find. Life is a journey that must be experienced from above. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.
— Amazon.com
A little bit mystical with a sprinkling of science, I discovered a beautiful and bittersweet mixture of hope and heartbreak between the pages. Christopher Grillo’s poetry is nothing short of enchanting...
— Maxine Peseke, Goodreads



Heroes' Tunnel

Anaphora Literary Press, 2015

No other poet has ended a section with a poem about running off with a beer keg on his back while his friend Frank runs interference “barking at frat boys, clearing me a path”...These are not poems that can be sailed out into the night. They will return to boomerang the heart.
— Vivian Shipley
The voice rings true. The places, people and themes are familiar but are brought to life with unique insight from this author’s young life.
— Amazon.com



The Six-fold Radial Symmetry of Snow

Zoetic Press (2015

An amazing collection of poetry that covers the themes of masculinity and sportsmanship with a delicate poetic touch. Excellent.
— Amazon.com


When Rain Fills the Chasm

Finishing Line Press, 2014

When Rain Fills the Chasm makes me want to write one thousand love poems, but I don’t think any of them would stack up to what he’s given us dozens of times.
— Brendan Walsh
Grillo will have you walking lonely avenues looking for your first love at midnight.
— Randall Horton