Chris offers manuscript editing & consultation for full-length manuscripts, chapbook-length manuscripts, and individual poems. 

Book & Chapbook Manuscripts
For a full-length or chapbook-length manuscript, you will receive extensive, individualized notes, including:

  • Detailed comments and line edits on individual poems
  • Feedback about structure and order of poems
  • Feedback and suggestions for titling
  • Evaluation of poems and their inclusion in the manuscript
  • Submission guidance about when and where to submit your manuscript
  • Manuscript discussion to be conducted via email or phone, at the author’s preference

Individual Poems
Chris also provides feedback on individual poems using the suggestion or comment feature on Microsoft Word. He will also provide a detailed analysis to guide you through his thinking on a seperate page within the original document. 


Chris offers an intensive 4 week poetry workshop for novice poets looking to fine tune their craft. The workshop is personalized, as craft will be explored through each participant's favorite poets and implemented to highlight his or her own individual style. 

Chris holds in MFA in poetics and has taught writing in conventional and workshop settings to students of all age, skill, and experience level. 


Chris will price his consulting and editorial work on a hourly basis. Workshop participants will pay a flat-rate fee of $100 for a four week session. 

Please contact Chris to inquire about consulting and editorial work or for more information about workshops.